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Air Jordan Sneakers | Baskets Club

No need to remind you, but before becoming a world famous brand, Jordan is the name of the greatest player of all time. Drafted in 1984 by the Chicago Bulls, he immediately signed a sponsorship deal with Nike that will upset the world of sport.

Indeed, when the Jordan 1 released in 1985, it is a revolution since the original color, the Jordan 1 BRED, is banned by the NBA because it did not respect the color code of the time. This anecdote which will give the nickname of Banned (banned in English) to this color OG will create especially a huge buzz around this pair which will become legendary.

Today, each reissue of the retro Jordan is an event and you will find them in our category Jordan Sportswear. You will also find a whole range of lifestyle clothing ranging from sweatshirts to T-Shirts and sweatpants (fleece pants).

However, Jordan Officiel has not stopped developing products for Michael Jordan´s retirement and, with the support of Nike, the brand offers high-end products that are among the most technical on the market. This is how you will find the Jordan collection dedicated to basketball in our Jordan Basketball category but also a whole series of products dedicated to training and physical preparation in our Jordan Training section.

Finally, to the extent that MJ has left its mark on the history of basketball and fashion as no other sportsman has been able to do before him, Jordan Brand is a popular brand of kids. That´s why we dedicated the Jordan Enfant space, which offers clothes, sneakers and accessories for children from 0 to 16 years old!

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